Robbie Brammall

I'm fortunate enough to be the Director of Marketing and Communications at one of the world's most creatively driven start ups - Mona. That means I get to do a bunch of fun marketing stuff for about forty creatively driven brands; including a museum (Museum of Old and New Art), some wineries (Moorilla, Domaine A), a brewery (Moo Brew), a music festival (Mona Foma), a chef's hatted restaurant (The Source), a fleet of giant camo ferries with fiberglass animals for seats, a recording studio with the mixing desk from Abbey Road, a bunch of spirit brands, and whatever ill-advised project someone at Mona thinks of next. And I get to do all of that in beautiful Hobart - the best place in Australia for scallop pies and discount polar fleece.

In regards my career, while I started in marketing, I soon moved into the world of advertising, where I was able to travel the world working at great agencies like DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R, and BBDO. 

Over the years my work has been recognised at all the major award shows, but the high point was probably creating Mona's first ever brand campaign—The Best of Our Worst Reviews. It's worked ridiculously well, and in true Mona style has left people knowing less about Mona than they did at the start. Even the boss loves it, and he hates advertising. 

What's next for me and Mona? Who knows, but it may or may not involve the world's weirdest caravan park, a shopping trolley shaped hotel, a billionaire's dive bar, a subterranean whisky den, and luxury skincare products made out of river sludge. Hit me up if you want to be part of it.

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