Here's a bunch of fun stuff we sneak out the door at Mona.

Mona Shop - Skateboards
We used some of graffiti artist Topsk's illegal tags on a limited release Moorilla wine. He threatened to sue us. David loved that. As a make weight I suggested he put his designs on some skateboards, we'd sell them in the Mona shop, and he could keep all the money. Topsk was hesitant, until I suggested he call the artworks Fuck you Mona: Part OneFuck You Mona: Part Two, and Fuck You Mona: Part Three.

Moorilla Winery - Wild Winter Weekend

Moorilla Winery decided to hold an extremely decadent wild winter weekend at the world famous Barnbougle Golf Course. Our comms focussed on the sweet spot where inclement weather, golf and rehydration meet. We promised much mischief in the bunkers.