Mona shop - Brown Thursday

Black Friday is too crass and commercial for Mona. So we created our own sales event—Brown Thursday—a day earlier and far more high-brow. The campaign invited shoppers to endure a livestream of the museum’s famed poo machine, and the longer they watched the bigger the discount. Streamed live on Facebook and YouTube from inside the museum, Cloaca was fed at 11am, coinciding with a palate-cleansing starter deal to entice shoppers. More deals were unlocked as the day’s meal progressed through Cloaca’s digestive system. The final and biggest offer (a 50% discount code) was revealed (painstakingly, letter-by-letter) whilst Cloaca shat itself. 

Sadly, it seems this is what our audience wants, as it was Mona Shop's biggest online sales day ever.

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