Moo Brew - The Hefurrection

In 2019 Moo Brew killed its award-winning Hefeweizen... because it tasted like banana-flavoured beer burps. Unfortunately, in late 2021 we had to resurrect it, when Moo discovered 20,000 spare cans out the back. ‘The Hefurrection’ began—like most second comings—with a series of signs and portents. In this case: drooling Virgin Mary statues; mysterious evangelical billboards beside highways; and banana-scented prayer candles sent to beer journalists. Proof of The Hef's resurrection eventually came by way of an online video. It was of the most gloriously over-engineered beer tap in history - a 1:8 scale singing Jesus, with laser eyes, that belted out Handel's 'Hefeweizen Chorus' every time someone poured a Hef.

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